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Welcome to hdtv antenna!

Our goal is to help you by providing information on how to get FREE digital television.

We make it easy for you to save money on your cable bills and still get great TV. Many folks do not realize that you do NOT need to pay for

cable or satellite service to get great TV.

For the first time, it is FREE with antennas costing as little as $19.99. Why not join the crowd is saving hundreds of dollars of year?

We will help walk you through the process and help you save money.

How do I start?

You will need an antenna to receive the over the air signals.  

How do I know I can get free digital TV?

Can I get digital TV?
Since June 13, 2009, all full-power U.S. television stations have broadcast over-the-air signals in digital only. 99% of U.S. TV households have access to at least one local digital station and 90%+ can get five or more stations. To check the updated state of digital TV coverage in your specific area, check the FCC website here http://transition.fcc.gov/mb/engineering/maps/#.

What kind of antenna do I need?

There are two main types of antennas: indoor and outdoor. We recommend trying an indoor antenna first. All you will need in most cases to receive free digital TV is an indoor antenna. It’s a low-cost, easy way to start. For $20 you can get started. No reason to pay more for an outdoor antenna if you do not need the hassle and expense of installation.  Check out our listing of indoor antennas.

So I've determined the type of antenna I need, what else do I need?

In addition to your antenna, you will need a television with a DTV/HDTV tuner or an HD-ready television with a
digital tuner box. As of March 1, 2007, all new TV sets must include digital tuners. To check if your TV is HD-ready, visit the manufacturer’s website. Here is some information as well. http://www.ehow.com/how_4866397_tell-tv-hd-ready.html

Want more information on digital TV?
Here is information on digital TV from the government


HDTV Antenna Quick Setup Guide:

Step 1: Connect the HDTV Antenna to the coaxial antenna (ANT IN) port and turn your TV to the proper input. (usually indicated as Source or Input on your remote)

Step 2: Turn your TV to an HD over-the air channel (find available HD channels) and hold your HDTV Antenna in various positions to find the ideal permanent spot.

Step 3: Enjoy Free HDTV!

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